Coaching is a powerful, thought-provoking, collaborative and creative process that inspires great results where the coach in conversation, partners with the client to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching accelerates the process of great performance and closes the gap between where the client is now and where they ideally want to be. 

Course Image Core Coaching Skills for Teachers

This course introduces those in the educational sector to the set of core coaching skills and is especially designed to allow teachers to experience and practice “state-of-the-art” coaching tools. Participants will be exposed to how to use coaching techniques in their work relationships, and thus gain the advantage of bringing a coach approach to the educational environment.

Course Image Coaching for Change

Use Your Edge offers personal coaching for change to those who are ready to take responsibility, interested in realising their potential and are prepared to engage in a creative, collaborative process to help them move forward in reaching their goals and aspirations.